Pont Neuf

PONT NEUF is based on the idea of simple and comfortable easy-to-wear fashion that gives women a sense of freedom.
PONT NEUF focuses on tops, tunics and dresses. All of PONT NEUF’s fits have an easily recognizable name such as Maria or Kitty, which makes it easy for consumers to find and remember the fit that suits them.
All styles are produced in Europe and made from special-developed fabrics.
The design is characterized by combi-
ning a classic and modern look and most styles can easily go from everyday to
party wear when mixed and matched in the right combinations.

PONT NEUF is sold in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Iceland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, the Baltics and France.
“Retailers include department stores, multi brand stores and fashion chains. ”

•Simple and timeless design combined with current trends
•Closeness to the market: We offer a constant flow of current fashion items ordered in-season, which makes purchasing safe and secure
•Fit and comfort
•High quality and specially developed fabrics are a part of PONT NEUF’s design DNA
•Colours, stripes, patterns and print that follow current trends